Who are Paybox by Verifone’s target users ?

Platform for cross-channel payment

Paybox by Verifone currently processes payment flows for over 40,000 merchants and 120 million transactions per year.
Paybox by Verifone operates a payment service in conjunction with various actors in the e-commerce industry.


Starting out or already equiped with a payment solution


Web agency, integrator, developer, editor, IT company

Banking Institution

Bank or Acquirer


Customers on e-commerce websites

A recognised online payment solution

  • Sector-specific expertise


    15 years’ experience of working with a wide and varied customer base.


    Paybox by Verifone has been supporting online retailers in their day-to-day business for over 15 years, and offers a secure, flexible and turnkey payment solution that meets all your requirements thanks to its unique platform –  cross-channel, multiple payment methods, multi-services, multi-bank and multi-currency- and its fraud management and reporting tools.


    Whatever : 


    A wide range of technical environments enables Paybox to adapt its solutions to all types of project, from the most simple to the most complex:

    • banking flow management,
    • added value services, such as no-shows and car rental ….

    Paybox by Verifone is certified and recognised by all banks (PCI/DSS 3.1 operator, 3-D Secure activated with all banks).


    Our business advisers are here to answer any questions you might have.

    Contact-us !


  • Personalised support and follow-ups


    Let’s build your payment history together!


    Paybox by Verifone provides personalised support services:

    • Pre-sale: A dedicated business advisor, who will listen and analyze your requirements and will suggest the payment solution that is best adapted to your needs.
    • During the integration phase: you can test the solution for free and receive support from our team to facilitate the integration of your chosen solution
    • Until use in production: once your payment solution has launched, Paybox by Verifone will offer you support as you continue to grow and will advise you on how to integrate new features, such as: change banks, activate new methods of payment, etc.


  • Easy integration


    Integrate and test your Paybox solution for free!


    Have the freedom to use your payment solution on one or several websites. You have the option to test your new integrations on a pre-production platform without it affecting the solution you currently have in place.

    To facilitate the integration process, Paybox by Verifone provides you with free payment modules that you can configure directly in the back office of your chosen Open Source solution (such as Prestashop or Magento).


    In addition to this, the Paybox solution is natively available on the most popular SaaS platforms.

    Access to the integrator space

  • Platform availability, compliance and performance


    The processing platform is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


    Paybox has two production platforms hosted on different sites, over 500 km apart. These two sites are PCI DSS level 1 version 2.0 * certified (the highest level of certification).
    At all time, the two platforms will have identical and consistent data sets. If it is not possible to access to one of the sites, the data modifications are saved and immediately applied as soon as the connection returns.

    This data replication and operation saving mechanism is intrinsic to the database system.
    A 3rd platform is dedicated to tests and pre-production.


    * Version from 8 October 2014




  • Multi-country and multi-currency solution


    by being part of Group VeriFone, Paybox is developing its position in Europe and internationally.


    The Paybox platform accepts 52 currencies, allowing you to cash your transactions anywhere in the world, either via your distance sale contract or via your connection contract with buyers and international payment methods.


    Paybox / Verifone is there to help you to expand abroad. To find out more, get in touch with our business team.


The project life cycle

  • Define your site's payment offer

    In partnership with one of our sales staff, you will define the ideal payment offer for your site in accordance with your business sector and customer profile.

  • Get your payment system contract

    Credit your sales in your current bank, or have the freedom to choose another! Certified and recognized with all banks, Paybox by Verifone can facilitate the procedure for obtaining your distance sale payment system contract.

  • Test and integrate for free

    You can test our payment solutions in a pre-production environment, and benefit from unlimited free assistance from our support team. When your account is in production, you will still have pre-production access so that you can carry out tests without affecting your account.

  • Activate your payment solution in less than 48 hrs

    After you have received the distance sale contract number and approved the technical integration, Paybox by Verifone will create an account with your personal settings.